About Us

Best Life Residential is a new agency born from the belief that residential home care should be more than using random staff to fill a shift.  Our staff is committed to providing every behavioral, medical, and emotional support required, and it is our goal to ensure your loved one is fully supported by someone capable and trustworthy who he or she knows and can rely upon.

Our agency was founded by three people with over 50-years of combined behavioral and medical health care experience:

  • A businessman who began in the caregiving field as a direct care worker and whose heart is and always has been fueled by the Individuals we support.
  • A career support provider with a history of working in mental health and with differently-abled individuals both vocationally and residentially.
  • A Special Education professional specializing in behavioral and emotional disorders.

Together, we believe that our knowledge, experience, and dedicated focus on the Individual will ultimately lead to an Individual realizing his or her best possible life. Together, we are committed to doing

what is right,
what is good,
what is honest,
what is decent,
and what is kind.

Best Life Residential proudly serves Home of Our Own (HOOO).

“Home of Our Own (HOOO) grew from a dream of a small group of concerned citizens who shared a similar vision: to find homes for adults with developmental, physical, or intellectual disabilities.  We envisioned creating a place that would allow differently abled adults to live as independently as possible in a stable, safe and familiar setting—a place where they can be integral and valued members of their larger community, and live along side others who also need rental housing they can afford.   What we wanted didn’t exist, so we decided to create it!”

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