Mission Statement

What makes us different:

  • We are Support Providers, offering personal and knowledgeable assistance to Individuals in every aspect required to ensure the best life possible, every single day.
  • We collaborate with both the Individual’s professional and natural support teams to get a comprehensive understanding of the Individual’s needs and create a plan that optimizes their quality of life.
  • We are passionate about our work and we believe in the potential of every Individual we work with.

Philosophy of Individualized Support:

It is the philosophy of Best Life Residential, LLC. that all services offered will be based upon the utmost respect for the Individual’s lifestyle choices, while putting his or her health and safety first and foremost. Our company’s mission is to support Individuals in their homes and in the community in a way that fosters and encourages relationships. Best Life Residential promotes Individual-centered successes. Success means the freedom to approach daily living tasks, pursue friendships, maintain family relations, and participate in the community with the highest degree of confidence and self-determination. Best Life Residential is committed to the following principles:

Respectful, Person-Centered Services
Services are developed contingent on an Individual’s needs, choices and preferences in supportive home care. All Individuals have the right to verbal and non-verbal input concerning services that will affect them. There is a reasonable expectation that all services will be provided with respect for the Individual’s decisions.

Least Restrictive Measures
The Individual has the right to be free from unnecessary restrictions in the home and in the community. We will always take the least prescribed restrictive measure for the support of an Individual.

Positive Relationships
The guardians, families, and friends of a supported Individual have the right to maintain an active and present role in the Individual’s life.

Freedom of Lifestyle
All Individuals receiving support should be allowed to safely pursue the types of lifestyle they prefer. Best Life allows Individuals to make decisions, to take chances, and to make mistakes, while ensuring the Individual is free from harm and is still within his or her own natural comfort zone.

Freedom from Punitive Consequences
If an Individual makes a mistake; chooses something differently; or acts in an aggressive or non-compliant manner; Best Life does not restrict, deny, degrade, or in any way punish an Individual for his or her choices. All corrective measures will be in accordance with the Individual’s Behavioral Support Plan.

Individual-Centered Personal Care
Best Life recognizes that each person requires unique, personally tailored, specialized services. With input from an Individual, his or her team of guardians, health care professionals, behavioral specialists, and care managers, we will work together to create functional Individual Support Plans and, if needed, Behavioral Support Plans.